"Having a photography lesson with Michael really improved my confidence and skills when handling my DSLR camera and I've seen a definite improvement in my photographs and his coaching has really helped take my product photography to the next level. Very well worth the time and money!"           Michelle Gilbert


"Michael's studio photography class helped me better grasp the fundaments of technique and composition.

My photographs have improved so much."              Niki Magelaki




I offer a range of personalised classes and workshops relating to food and studio photography,

exploring lighting, technique and studio design. Depending on your level of familiarity with

a camera, I can incorporate a getting to know your camera class at the beginning of any lesson.

Read my class outlines below and we can discuss how to adapt them to your interests or needs.


I also offer complementary mentoring and advise to those starting their journey in photography or

individuals wishing to develop a personal photographic project, but feel confined because of

technical or conceptual reasons. 


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Ever wondered how those sumptuous, mouth watering pictures of food are achieved ? 

Join me for an insightful and delicious 3 hour workshop and learn the secrets of better

food photography. In this hands on class you will actually achieve compelling food

photographs with your own camera and along the way we will explore


  • The emotional connection to food presentation
  • Keeping the concept simple
  • Backgrounds and props
  • Designing your dishes and bringing props and other elements together
  •  Lighting- Natural Window Light  / Flash / Tungsten.
  •  Reflectors and fill light
  • Food design and food preparation, making it look fresh and alive
  •  Plating food for the photograph and the angle of view


This class is approximately 3 hour in length and is practical hands on, designed to help you

achieve vibrant food photographs straight away. The cost of the class is $195 per participant. 






Learn the tricks and techniques to achieving your own 'Wow' studio lit photographic masterpieces at home.

This 3hr workshop will give you the skills to mastering studio lighting and give you practical insights into

setting up a home studio quickly and effectively.  You will learn how to light your products with hand flash,

studio flash and even ordinary household lamps, as well as work with a range of everyday home items that will help

you achieve exciting studio lit product photos of your collection. 


  • Consider how backgrounds and colour can influence the look of your product.
  • Look at angles and composition through the viewfinder.
  • experiment with light and shadow to bring out the best of your subject.
  • consider coloured gels and how they can bring your product to life.
  • try tungsten, flash and LED lighting and learn which is best for your needs.
  • work with what you have at hand to establish a working home studio.
  • learn how to utilise household surfaces and items to achieve studio like reults.


This class is approximately 2.5 hour in length and is practical hands on, designed to help you

achieve vibrant food photographs straight away. The cost of the class is $195 per participant, 

or $110 per hour for corporate groups.